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Please allow at least 24 hours to prepare your order.

Local Pick-up

You are welcome to pick up your order from one of our stores: on Saturday from 1 pm – 5:30 pm. Please schedule an appointment. 

  • San Jose Location:

1101 S.Winchester Blvd., Ste -O 283, San Jose, 95128

Local Delivery

Orders over $100.00 are qualified for local delivery within 50 miles radius of our San Jose store.

Pet Cater offers local delivery every Sunday.

The price for local delivery is $30.

San Francisco, Oakland and East Bay Courier Delivery

If you are from San Francisco or Oakland, orders over $150.00 are qualified for the courier delivery. 

The courier service is available every Sunday for $40.

Nationwide Delivery

Nationwide Overnight Delivery is NOT available at the moment

We ship all of our products frozen in insulated boxes with dry ice and ice packs. To watch how we pack your order click –>Pet Cater Packing Process

We do what we can to ensure you are satisfied with our pet food.

Due to the perishable nature of the food, we do not accept returns of the product. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us at within 48 hours of receiving your delivery.

You may cancel your order until it has been fulfilled. Any orders identified as “fulfilled” or “shipped” cannot be canceled. We DO NOT refund/replace items if the customer has moved and has not provided us with a change of address.

Raw Feeding

Yes, it is, according to BARF standards. We don’t use any fillers, grains, taste, or smell enhancements. Just raw meat or fish, bones, and organs from different animals – a wide variety is available to provide the rich menu. It is ready to eat – simply open the container.

No. An excessive amount of vitamins can be as much dangerous as a deficiency. You need to do a blood test at the vet’s office to detect if there is any vitamin deficiency, or if any elements have an incorrect ratio to each other. We don’t make prescription meals and don’t suggest any vitamins. In our opinion, balanced food which includes a variety of a protein source is healthy and don’t need any additions. When it comes to pet food – less is more.

Yes, we can help you to choose the right meal for your pet, but we don’t create the prescription food.  We recommend you to talk to your veterinarian or a certified nutritionist who can help you to accommodate the diet based on the individual needs and behavior of your pet. After getting the individual recipe, we will help you to create a custom meal, or choose the meal from our menu. 

It depends on different factors like activity level, metabolism, temperature, weather, etc. Please schedule a 30-min free consultation to discuss the needs of your pet. 

For dogs, our mixes are 70-15-15 where 70% – is meat, 15% – bones, and 15% – liver, kidney, fish, and vegetables (if applicable).

For cats, our mixes are 75-20-5 where 75% – is meat, 20% – bones, and 5% – liver, kidney, and fish (if applicable).

For bone components we use necks. Organs: liver, kidney.
Meat includes red meat, hearts, chicken, or turkey thighs. We also include some skin, since it has some trace elements, that only exist in the skin.
We do not add any grains.

Yes, because your pet gets water from their diet since meat is mostly made up of water.