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Transition Your Dog on a Raw Diet

Hi, loving and caring dog owner,

Yes, you!

Because you`ve decided to change your dog’s life for the better. And you’re ready to change his diet for optimal health—the only diet that’s healthy for dogs—raw natural food.

We, the PetCater team, are ready to guide you along this path!

Rumiya Feyzulova, a dog feeding specialist, veterinarian, and owner of a show-greyhound breeding kennel developed the unique plan we use for dogs to adapt to raw meals. 

These plans also contain ready-to-feed portions based on your dog’s age and size. Her raw diet programs have recovered the health of and helped thousands of dogs all over the world to eat and be healthy.

Each course is developed for one dog. We have prepared easy-to-use containers with top-quality, human grade, food for each day of the transition period and numbered them according to the introduction plan. 

Please follow the instructions on the package and feed your dog our delicious portions in the correct order number. 

On the 21st day, your dog will eat a fully balanced raw diet!

1st -6th days – On these days, we will gradually replace your dog’s usual meal with raw food. 

Mix the contents of the package with the food he is currently eating in the following proportions:

On the 7th day, your dog will be ready for his first new meal. It’s not completely balanced yet, and we are still working on the complete transition. 

For the next 2 weeks, we will add new products every 2-3 days, allowing your dog to produce more gastric acid.  

Day 21 

Congratulations! Your dog is fully transitioned to eat from his new raw food menu!

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