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We Are Not Your Average Pet Food Provider

Why we are different:

  • We are a small company, and that’s why we have the luxury to treat your pet as our own. We know it’s important.
  • You always know what your pet has in its bowl. Check our chunky mix. What you see – is what you get. No hidden taste or smell enhancers.
  • You always get a fresh batch. We only make “by the order”. This is why it takes us a few days to complete your order.
  • We provide consultation and make a transitional package based on your pet’s age, size, weight, and allergies (if any). We support you all the way through the process.

My Mission

I want to make it easy to give your dogs or cats the best life possible. And that starts what you put in their bowl.

All dog-specific or cat-specific recipes are made with ingredients that are 100% high-quality enough for humans to eat, and made in a safe kitchen that is exclusively used for human-grade food production. And for freshness and convenience, it’s delivered directly to your porch.

Why I Started to Feed My Dog Raw

In 2007, I got a beautiful Pitbull mix puppy from the local shelter. Of course, I wanted to provide the best life for him, including toys, food, and daily walks.

During his first year, I spent fortunate on his vet’s bills. My puppy developed an allergy reaction to every dry food from the store: most expensive, limited ingredients, hypoallergenic – nothing worked. Poor puppy had dry skin, dandruff, sores around his mouth, and bloody scratch marks. He was visibly uncomfortable and lacked energy.

Simple research on commercial pet foods uncovered a very disturbing truth: many of them contain actual poison. First, it was a euthanasia drug, then it was food, contained both arsenic and BPAs in potentially harmful amounts.

If even the most expensive kibbles contain poison, how can I trust any of them? Did those companies with big marketing budgets have my dogs’ best interests at heart? Probably not.

Looking for a solution, I started to study the works of the best veterinarians and animal nutritionists. According to them, dog’s and cat’s ancestors lived long, healthy lives eating their prey uncooked.

A raw dog food diet commonly consists of organ meats, muscle meat, whole or ground bone, raw eggs, raw fish, dog-safe fresh fruits and vegetables, and some dairy, such as yogurt.

Bingo! After just a few weeks, I saw a noticeable improvement in my puppy’s health. There was no more itchiness, no dry skin, scales, or sores.

I regret only one thing: I should have started a raw diet for my dog much earlier.

I help other owners feed their pets healthy raw food for several years. People are impressed with my beautiful and healthy dogs, and I tell them my secret: I feed my dogs and cats a species-specific diet. In 2018 I started to prepare balanced daily meal portions, and deliver them.

Arina Sevastyanova, a founder of PetCater 

Our New Pick-up Location!

Important Details Ahead

We would like to inform you that from 03/06/2022 our pick-up operations will be relocated at

1101 S. Winchester Blvd., Ste O-283, San Jose, 95128

The new location provides us bigger and more comfortable parking space. Our phone numbers remained unchanged. Our website has been updated with the new address, and from there you can access Google Maps to see exactly where we are and obtain traveling directions.